Aragon ZK Research is an AragonDAO guild focused on ZK research, for a future of high scalability and privacy preserving voting systems for DAOs.

We follow the latest advances in cryptography and ZKP and aim to build a deep understanding of zk-snarks research. We aim to apply this knowledge to construct useful tools that can be applied to voting and privacy in DAOs, thus helping to enable alternative governance structures.

  • OVOTE: (Offchain Voting with Onchain Trustless Execution) Ethereum L2 for voting using validity-proofs (kind of zkRollup)
  • SNARVs, BatRaVot and SchnorrVot: verifiable voting schemes suitable for Token-based voting on Blockchains
  • Blind-OVOTE: combines the OVOTE ideas with blind signatures inside zkSNARK, to provide gasless anonymous voting with onchain binding execution on Ethereum.
  • SHA-2 in Noir: SHA-256 & SHA-512 hash implementations in Noir zk-language
  • PoC implementation of logarithmic (and linkable) ring signatures, for private and scalable blockchain based voting (whether used alongside SNARKs/OVOTE or as a standalone protocol)
Our research activity

About us

Alex Kampa

Team Lead. Mathematician and economist. Works on consensus algorithms and cryptography.

Vincenzo Iovino

PhD Cryptography. Lead Cryptographer. Main research interests are in cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptography, and in particular e-voting, functional encryption and ZK.

Najmeh Soroush

PhD Cryptography. Mathematician and cryptographer. Research interests: Zero-Knowledge, Verifiable Functional Encryption and e-Voting.

Roger Baig

PhD Computer Science. Extensive experience as research engineer and project manager.

Daniele Di Tullio

PhD Mathematics. Cryptographer and research engineer, focusing on ZK software implementations.

Craig Sailor

Blockchain software engineer. Works on Cosmos/Tendermint blockchains with privacy-preserving features.

Kevin Jones

Blockchain software engineer. Lead developer of the Gears Cosmos SDK and contributor to

Matan Prasma

PhD Mathematics. Focus on algebraic toplogy, machine learning algorithms and, more recently, cryptography and elliptic curves.

Arnau Cube

Research engineer with interest in cryptography. Experience in zkRollup and zkSNARKs related projects.

Ahmad Afuni

PhD Mathematics. Senior research engineer. Works on implementations of cryptosystems.